Learner-Friendly Evaluations &

Individualized Strategy Instruction (Mentoring Sessions)

WE know that every child and adult can learn to read.  We also know that every learner possesses language strengths that can be built upon.  We provide comprehensive literacy evaluations and individual mentoring with a focus on building confidence and improving reading proficiency.

Each learner receives a complete literacy evaluation that results in a Biographic Literacy Profile.  These family-friendly, kid-friendly evaluations are designed to identify, document and build upon learners’ existing language strengths.

Meticulously detailed, comprehensive in scope, and accessibly written for parents, teachers, specialists, and school administrators, we believe the biographic literacy profile to be finest literacy mentoring documentation available.

Evaluation Components

  1. Phone Conference

  2. Initial Meeting Session (30 – 45 minutes)

  3. First half-day session (2.5 – 3 hours)

  4. Reading Analysis (Reading Miscue Inventory)

  5. Writing Analysis

  6. “Literacy Dig” (looking at at-of-school writing)

  7. Reading Interview and Interest Surveys

  1. Second half-day session (2.5 – 3 hours)

  2. Initial Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) Session (for readers 4th grade or older)

  3. Initial Strategy Lesson (for readers 3rd grade and younger)

  4. Psycho-Educational Standardized Testing (if requested or warranted by special circumstances)

  5. Parent Summary - held and the end of the second session

  1. Biographic Literacy Profile

  2. A Biographic Literacy Profile is constructed after the two evaluation sessions are completed.  The profile contains a comprehensive literacy analysis, a summary, and recommendations that include concrete suggestions for parents.  A cover letter to the classroom teacher is drafted if requested by the parent.  Supporting documentation includes:

  3. Reading Miscue Analysis Profile

  4. Marked typescripts

  5. Retelling transcripts

  6. Writing Sample and Analysis

  7. Reading and Writing Interviews

  8. Psycho-educational profile

  9. Reading Interviews and Interest Surveys

  10. .mp3 Audio and/or .mp4 Video Files

Mentoring Sessions (Individualized Strategy Instruction Lessons)

Mentoring Session Components:

  1. Four individualized strategy instruction lessons

  2. Retrospective Miscue Analysis (RMA) and Family RMA

  3. Engaging strategy lessons that focus on meaning making

  4. Interesting, well-written books and stories

The Alternative to impersonal, corporate “learning centers”:

  1. Mentoring programs are specifically designed to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

  2. Mentoring sessions are individually tailored to fit each learner’s unique and personal needs.

  3. No packaged, pre-programmed materials.

Concrete suggestions for parents (and teachers if requested)


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