Long Island Literacy Center

Revaluing Literacy and Learning


The Long Island Literacy Center offers comprehensive reading and writing evaluation and individual mentoring with a focus on building both confidence and reading proficiency.

The Long Island Literacy Center helps readers of all ages.

Specializing in:


  2. Learning Disabilities, Reading Disabilities, Dyslexia

  3. Struggling readers who:

  4. Bulletdon’t understand what they’ve read

  5. Bulletread very slowly and mispronounce words

  6. Bulletreluctant learners who don’t like to read

  7. We also evaluate early literacy development.

  1. Bullet Free Consultation

Our child-friendly/learner-friendly evaluations and strategy lessons help learners and parents to understand how reading works!

We provide help to readers and families who reside in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City.

The Long Island Literacy Center is available to advocate for learners in educational decision-making settings.

The Long Island Literacy Center is developed by Alan Flurkey, Ph.D.  Dr. Flurkey is former director of the Reading/Writing Learning Clinic at Hofstra University.  He is currently full-time faculty in the Literacy Studies Program.

The Long Island Literacy Center is affiliated with the Literacy Mentoring Network.  The Literacy Mentoring Network brings together internationally known teachers, scholars, and researchers in the fields of reading, literacy, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language development, child development, composition and rhetoric, and anthropology and ethnography.

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